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Welcome to the Inspirational feed for Animal Photography! Here you will find the amazing animal photos that have been posted to the YouPic community, selected by our curation team. Animal photography is something truly special. It is special, not only because of the subject in the shot but for what it represents. Images of animals can teach us a lot about ourselves and the life that exists around us. Whether it is photos of pets, cattle or wildlife, the focus is on that which is distant yet close.

Looking for a great Animal photographer?

In the YouPic community, you will find some of the best animal photographers who really know how to capture beautiful animal pictures, and that have mastered the art of the living and breathing subjects that we live among!

The Animal photography experience

Animal photography can be a great experience for anyone who wants to try it out. There are many different paths to take when it comes to animal photos and it can be an inner journey for those who decide to venture into the genre. Photographing animals and wildlife not only requires patience and time, but it also requires respect for your subject. What you want to convey with your animal images is an important part of the process. For example, wildlife photography can be a great way to bring awareness to how our living affects the conditions for other species or battle the prejudices one might have about certain creatures. When viewing animal photos, you are invited to further reflect on the world around us. And it is a beautiful world.

Animal photography techniques

When it comes to which equipment and techniques one should use for animal photography it entirely depends on what your subject is. Taking photos of cuddly dogs and other pets are one thing and trying to capture shots of wild animals such as lions or birds is a completely different story. What you would want to consider is how close you can come to the animal and what you would like to convey with your image. Taking a photo of an elephant in its natural habitat tells one story while images of elephants in circuses tell another. We suggest that you do some research before going on great adventures since it will depend a lot on the circumstances you will find yourself in. Try to find which equipment will suit your creativity and subject.

Are you looking for images of the great life underneath? Perhaps you are interested in viewing photos of blue whales or octopuses? We have many talented photographers who shoot images of water life and if you are unable to find what you are looking for here, we suggest that you check out the “Underwater”-category!


Some animal photography might require you to relocate to a place where you will find the specific animals you wish to photograph. When visiting new places, it is a great idea to attend a workshop where you will have all the information and guidance you need to take the perfect photo whether it is on the savanna, on the north pole or the rainforest. There are many great workshops posted on YouPic, hosted by some of the best photographers, and you can find them by visiting this link: click here.

Animal photography ideas

Animal photography can be a truly stimulating and challenging experience. It is very versatile in the sense that your subject can be many different things. Photos of birds and photos of zebras are very different when it comes to technique and approach. Before deciding which kind of animals you would like to snap a photo of, you might want to ask yourself why you want to dig deeper into the animal photography genre. What is it that inspires you about animal photography? Are you intrigued by the wildlife, getting close and personal with the lives of other species? Do you want to capture candid photos of man’s best friend or the still life of bucks as they graze a foggy field in at dawn? Animal photography can take you to marvellous places where you can experience wonderful sceneries, or you can become intimately familiar with a specific kind of animal, and focus on the beauty of things we might otherwise overlook.

In the inspirational feed for animal photography, we are sure that you will find photos that will entice you and trigger your creativity to capture your very own stunning animal photo. We are looking forward to seeing your animal photo in this feed…

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